UNITED NATIONSbasicstrategyforvideopoker, June 20 (Xinhua) -- China's permanent representative to the UN, Fu Cong, on Thursday called for global efforts to build a more peaceful and secure cyberspace.

"Cyberspace is deeply integrated with the physical world and is an important anchor for the development of human society," Fu told the Security Council briefing on cybersecurity, emphasizing that cyberspace "must never become a new battlefield."

He criticized actions of designating cyberspace as a "domain of military operations," developing "offensive cyber military capabilities," and building "cyber military alliances."

Such actions, he warned, undermine mutual trust and escalate risks of "friction and conflict in cyberspace."

Fu called for efforts to "build a more universally beneficial and prosperous cyberspace," where digital and cyber economies drive global economic growth.

Fu urged all countries to adopt more "active, open, coordinated, and inclusive" policies to promote ICTs (information and communication technology) and ensure the security of the ICT industrial chain.

He criticized the practices of forming cliques, seeking "technological dominance," and interfering with the development of other countries.

The ambassador advocated "a more equitable and orderly cyberspace," calling for the development of international rules acceptable to all.

He urged adherence to the UN Charter principles, such as "sovereign equality" and "non-interference in internal affairs," and emphasized the importance of translating international consensus into "legally binding norms of behavior in cyberspace."

The envoy emphasized the need to "build a more equal and inclusive cyberspace" to promote diversity and mutual understanding among different civilizations.

He warned against using cyberspace to spread extremism, terrorism, and disinformation.

basicstrategyforvideopoker|Chinese envoy urges efforts to build more peaceful, secure cyberspace

China, with nearly 1.1 billion internet users, has built the world's largest cyber infrastructure and developed a sound policy system for cyberspace governance, Fu said. He also highlighted China's active engagement in cybersecurity processes and cooperation with the Global South.

Fu reiterated China's commitment to working with the international community to build a "more peaceful, secure, open, cooperative, and orderly cyberspace" and to join hands in building "a community with a shared future in cyberspace."